Thursday, January 21, 2010

Late Night Rambles Part Two- This time it's for real

So time for part two of our new adventure.
Step right this way ladies and gents!

First up- the whole sheet.
(And this time I actually have one!)

First up-
A pig/mustache/moose/tree thing.
(Send therapy bills to 10050 Sorryboutyourbrain Ave)

Now for something less scary.
So un-scary.
So tiny.
So tiny I left in the binder rings to show its size.

You know you made one of these in school-
Don't deny it!

At least it's friendly!
(I mean it could be one of those mutant corndogs.)

Well, hello!
Words and phrases to you as well!

I love Easter.
I love Spring too- but Spring doesn't get me any candy.

My puns are amazing!

And last, but not yeast.
A little ant with a little box.

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