Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quiet nights and monsters of yarn

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Well, more like random stuff I finally get around to doing when I remember and Mercury isn't in retrograde with a dewpoint of less than 80. 
On Tuesdays.

First up! No one big page this time- there are only snippets.

Ahhh, the zen of lifting shadows. 
Or the zen of sitting on clear acrylic furniture. Either way.

Yes. Excellent.
A weird ball/man/star thing.
I'll put it next to the gazebo.

I'm not entirely sure why I like this one so much.
I think it's because it's just so cat. Take pretty much any cat and they will eventually end up in mid-butt lick and find something so interesting that they transform into oddly-posed statues.

 I love this quiet little barista too. 
I originally was going to have him do something snarky...but he just looks too kindly.

Shadow Fingerdog returns!

If you do any kind of thread or yarn work- you know exactly what this is.
That giant pile of stash you have been steadily growing for the past few years has gone sentient.

Sometimes there's no explanation I can give you.

My mind- she's a funny place to be sometimes.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Something a bit different

Today I'm posting something a little different.
I finally hooked up my tablet and took it for a spin.

So I wanted to share some of the First Born From My Lovely Tablet (Thank You Mom, I Really Like It).


Let's begin.
First up- a nice pink bubble. 
It reminds me of a negative photograph of rippling water.

This one is fun and funky.
I really had a blast with the wide brush strokes.

I really really like this one. 
I have such an obsession with raindrop shapes.

This one is the closest to a 'finished' piece that I've done, to date.
It's set to The Reeling by Passion Pit.
Looking at the piece one could view it going either way- spiraling up or down.
How appropriate for me then.

Next post will be back to the hand drawn doodles.
Just wanted to share the fun of technology.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Late Night Rambles Part Two- This time it's for real

So time for part two of our new adventure.
Step right this way ladies and gents!

First up- the whole sheet.
(And this time I actually have one!)

First up-
A pig/mustache/moose/tree thing.
(Send therapy bills to 10050 Sorryboutyourbrain Ave)

Now for something less scary.
So un-scary.
So tiny.
So tiny I left in the binder rings to show its size.

You know you made one of these in school-
Don't deny it!

At least it's friendly!
(I mean it could be one of those mutant corndogs.)

Well, hello!
Words and phrases to you as well!

I love Easter.
I love Spring too- but Spring doesn't get me any candy.

My puns are amazing!

And last, but not yeast.
A little ant with a little box.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Late Night Rambles Part One

Another odd night filled with half-sleep.
Time to fire the sandman.

Aaand- up first is the whole sheet:
Except these aren't all on one page.
Soooo...uhm. Yeah, sorry about that.

Another lovely day here in the Rain Belt.

Ahh yes, giant star weekend.
A classic.

This is a more complicated doodle than what I usually put up here.
It's still a doodle to me so in it stays.
The doodle plays, man. The doodle plays.
(Yes the stretched out face is intentional. It's just a line doodle.)

 Little bird, going up!

And here's your daily science fact:
(gotta keep that ol' noggin sharp!)

You know you're ready to rock when you wear those kind of pants.

This one started out as a spiral.
Just seemed to form out of nowhere.