Sunday, October 4, 2009

70's doodles

Weird 70's themed doodles today. Not much on this one worth blowing up.
I have NO idea wth that monkey tin is.
No  clue whatsoever.

I like the dotting on this one. Very peaceful.

Yes, that is how I explain my horrible proportion.

Drippy chandelier, dial 2241. Drippy chandelier dial 2241.

Who's a mean sack of flour?
You are! Yes you are!

Very inspired by 70's weird animation.
The kind that gave a whole generation nightmares.
And weird haircuts.

Chirp Chirp

Very odd ones this time out. Probably my lack of sleep.

The power of coffee compells you!

God this one disturbs me.

Coffee rain, coffee rain.

Reminds me of the Clerks animated series for some reason.

Why Pablo? Why not Pablo, I say.
Love the stache.

Flying Goldfish of Happiness will grant your wish now.