Thursday, December 31, 2009

Teef and No Sleep

Apparently the theme for today is teeth and lack of sleep.
How these combine inside my head?
No idea.

Full Page looks pretty good.
Lots of movement on the page and too much overlap.
I had to get creative with the cropps.
(Of course all of this is very exciting, I'm sure.)

Ahh, Mr Energy.
Guaranteed to make you shake like an old poodle.

My yawns are actually this big.
Usually accompanied by sounds like- RRrreeOWWrrr>squeak!<

And now- enter the teeth!
Or, exit the teeth rather.

Oh yes, sweet pillow.
I hear your call!

This is me.
Waiting for the snow.
Still waiting.

This is just the truth.
I'm trying to help people out here.

I've never heard your amazing play with words before!

It's no secret that I love My Milk Toof.
But what about Incisor and Molar?
Teef want love!

This happens to me at the worst times.

This is what it sounds like when worms collide.
Or when one end finds the other end.
(Look, I told you I was up late. You were warned.)

Aaaaaand- I'm out.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rainy Party Trees

Let the Midnight Doodle shine the light on me.
(sing if you want)

Whole page is actually spread out nicely this time.
Ahh the beauty.

I always miss the best parts.

Weird all-seeing eye tree is go.
I repeat, weird all-seeing eye tree is go!

The beat- it calls to me.

Don't worry little cloud.

Ahhh the joys of cat ownership.
The fur.
The sucky slicky grooming noises.
The Poo Paw.

When you know it's time to party:

Oh God! My eyes!

I always wondered about those shows from the seventies.
What the hell was wrong with us back then?

Ahh yes, Burrito Man returns triumphant!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jellyfish and Poopbirds

Another day dawns here in the treehouse.
The squirrels are fat and the birds are happy.

Full Page is spreading wide and trying to keep other pictures out of my magical Crop Square.
It didn't work, as you'll see below.
I can't control the passionate doodle from within!

The fallacies of ancient biology.
Technology wins!

Yes, it really does want to kill you.
Right after you get a ticket for speeding.

Yes, this is true.

You might think it's this one, but nope.

Surprise! It's this one:

Hitchcock never saw this one coming.
Probably a good thing.

Another trip through Doodleland completed.
Tip your therapist on your way out.

Seedlings and hungry clouds

Two AM sleep?
Bah, I say!

To the doodle page!

Big Picture- not a lot here, but it's quality. Quality.

The Download Honesty we all wish we had.
Seriously, just let me know when I can walk away for an hour or two.

Mistaken identity. Cute, but still wrong.

Like a British 'plop plop fizz fizz'.

When clouds go bad.
Also, when they skip a meal or two.

Mortally mortified molting.. uhm.. mtree.

Quiet little seed just for you. 

Ahhh now wasn't that nice?

Next time.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Whoops upside my holiday

Sorry it's been a while. Holidays, blah blah laziness blah blee blah twisted ankle whoopdee bloo blah

Now on to the goods-

Up first is the whole page shot. It's a twofer so let us all rejoice and give vanilla wafers.


The Unibrow of Terror!
Feel the fear!
See the creeping!
Call your stylist!

Evil Cellphone wants your soul.
(and 49.99 a month in 'fees')

Santa is really freakin' sick of eating all your stale cookies.
Leave the ice, it's seasoned.

Oh you fickle human!
You never call. You never write.
Where has your turkey love gone?
Wait. Don't answer that.

Cookies bring happiness to all.
And possibly a stomach ache.
But mostly happiness.

For those times on the web when you just can't figure out what the other person is thinking.
I mean really- monkeys do not play the banjo.
I don't care what wikipedia says.

Feather! You've just won the Super Bowl!
What do you want to do?
What is it- tell me!

I bring you line arted Hippo of Much Round Love!

I bring you..uh.. some dude with a pinwheel!
(Look, they can't all be winners, OK?)

Do you want to have the most massive farts?
I mean I'm talking Blow The Couch Into Next Tuesday, farts.
Well, want no more!
Your hero has arrived at last.

This is simple.
I got a mug for Christmas and I love it.
We may or may not be running away together.

Look Ma- all done!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

70's doodles

Weird 70's themed doodles today. Not much on this one worth blowing up.
I have NO idea wth that monkey tin is.
No  clue whatsoever.

I like the dotting on this one. Very peaceful.

Yes, that is how I explain my horrible proportion.

Drippy chandelier, dial 2241. Drippy chandelier dial 2241.

Who's a mean sack of flour?
You are! Yes you are!

Very inspired by 70's weird animation.
The kind that gave a whole generation nightmares.
And weird haircuts.