Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Late Night Rambles Part One

Another odd night filled with half-sleep.
Time to fire the sandman.

Aaand- up first is the whole sheet:
Except these aren't all on one page.
Soooo...uhm. Yeah, sorry about that.

Another lovely day here in the Rain Belt.

Ahh yes, giant star weekend.
A classic.

This is a more complicated doodle than what I usually put up here.
It's still a doodle to me so in it stays.
The doodle plays, man. The doodle plays.
(Yes the stretched out face is intentional. It's just a line doodle.)

 Little bird, going up!

And here's your daily science fact:
(gotta keep that ol' noggin sharp!)

You know you're ready to rock when you wear those kind of pants.

This one started out as a spiral.
Just seemed to form out of nowhere.

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