Thursday, December 31, 2009

Teef and No Sleep

Apparently the theme for today is teeth and lack of sleep.
How these combine inside my head?
No idea.

Full Page looks pretty good.
Lots of movement on the page and too much overlap.
I had to get creative with the cropps.
(Of course all of this is very exciting, I'm sure.)

Ahh, Mr Energy.
Guaranteed to make you shake like an old poodle.

My yawns are actually this big.
Usually accompanied by sounds like- RRrreeOWWrrr>squeak!<

And now- enter the teeth!
Or, exit the teeth rather.

Oh yes, sweet pillow.
I hear your call!

This is me.
Waiting for the snow.
Still waiting.

This is just the truth.
I'm trying to help people out here.

I've never heard your amazing play with words before!

It's no secret that I love My Milk Toof.
But what about Incisor and Molar?
Teef want love!

This happens to me at the worst times.

This is what it sounds like when worms collide.
Or when one end finds the other end.
(Look, I told you I was up late. You were warned.)

Aaaaaand- I'm out.

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