Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Heart Lardee

The whole sheet-
This one is full of little doodles. Not many
really big sections.
I did this while watching the last ten minutes of 12 Angry Monkeys.
WTH, man WTH.

If you haven't been to My Milk Toof yet- go now.
Nothing warms my heart like Lardee and his magic bag.

Something about obese animals makes me smile.

Every jerk in every 80's movie. Replete with poofy bowl cut.

Grandpa Pez. Tastee uhm.. is that candy?

I don't care- I still wear them. Gnome head point and all.

I have a hobby. I make up lyrics to songs. Tons of people do it.
Really. Even famous people. Cool people too.
*koff koff*

I love a good juxtoposition. I would *love* some iced tea, thank you!

What it says on the tin.

Even ants need to let loose a little bit. (Really little)

Big Winnah!

Another day another doodle.

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