Sunday, July 26, 2009

Barefoot Buddy Walk

Today, Hubbs and I went for a barefoot walk together.
It was nice to share the experience with him. Here's Hubbs getting his own 'Sewer Feet' pic action. I actually think this one is a telephone manhole cover- the lines on that street are all underground so it's possible.
Ahh, two sets of paws, joined in matrimony. Can you feel the love, can you?

This was the one downside- I have a sore/raw spot on my left big toe. It's quite painful when I tap it. Otherwise more just annoying.
It was interesting how much easier it was to walk barefoot this time. It's only my second 'true' bf walk and my feet are already tougher on the bottom. It's not a toughness with callouses and whatnot- more like well-worn leather.
I wasn't in pain as much from the rough parts of the sidewalk either. The cobblestones still felt as good as always. Those pavers sent from heaven!

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