Saturday, June 14, 2008

the view from my balcony

I'm basically a hermit. I like hermiting and it likes me right back. I like staying inside and watching the world while having a nice glass of iced tea. So I thought I'd share my view on this little planet of ours.

Here's the view from my house
Gorgeous huh?

Some people have asked me why I stay home so much. Why don't I get out and live a little?

Honestly? I feel that I've had enough "living" for a while. I was on the go for twenty six years, never slowed down or thought much. It's just time to let the world take its turn at driving this happy bus.

I love the glass in the windows. It lets me be a part of the action without ever having to worry about that tricky barrier between observing and participating. I can sit on this side and its a clear boundary between me and them. Them is not a bad thing. Them is just.. well.. them.

Them is the people out there going shopping, walking their dogs and kids, young hoodlums jockeying for pride, old people out for an after dinner stroll. People in cars and busses going to work, going home or just going. Only once have I seen someone just stop and let the world move for a moment instead.

They were walking underneath our tree out front when it was in bloom. They just stopped walking and looked up at the tree and smiled. This was, from my well hidden third floor, a beautiful thing to see. There! I said, there is a person who just "got it".

Sometimes the most beautiful things are found when we let the world turn on its own and acknowledge that us moving doesn't change much.

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